Aerie Activities

Aerie #595 maintains a full slate of activities month after month. We have a number of recurring events as well as special events geared to raising money for the sponsored charity of the month. Most activities are centered on charity fundraising. Fund raising for charity includes dinners; raffles and auctions; snacks; friendly cooking competitions; and leagues and tournaments involving cornhole, horseshoes, shuffleboard, darts and more. See our monthly newsletter, calendar and Eagle #595 Facebook posts for more details.

Leagues and Tournaments

Details for frequent cornhole, shuffleboard, horseshoe and dart tournaments are in our newsletter. In addition to bragging rights, cash prizes may be offered for the winners. Thanks to Steve Nicely, our go-to-guy for all dart events, the Aerie dart facilities include dart board that meets the league rules for the measurements for handicap dart boards.

Pick Me

"Pick Me" is a playing card progressive raffle. The maximum jackpot is limited to $15,000 by Colorado Statute and is limited to F.O.E. members in good standing and you must be present to win. As the jackpot builds, so does the attendance at the weekly drawing

Bar Bingo

Bar Bingo games are Wednesdays at 6:00 pm. Five bingo games are called in the Social Room--you can play while seated at a table or the bar. The dollar amount of game prizes is based on the number of cards sold. Check the calendar for the snack being served each week.

Card Room

If you like to play poker, come join us every Tuesday and Saturday at 6:45 for poker tournaments. Thursdays it’s a limit cash night. All members welcome.