Aerie #595 runs with the efforts of our volunteers. Almost every worthwhile activity depends on volunteers stepping up to tackle the task at hand, but we seem to have a a difficult time attracting new volunteers. As with many other organizations, 20 people do 90% of the work.

The more members get involved, the more they get out of being an Eagle. Volunteering is one way to give back to the Aerie. When we joined the Aerie or Auxiliary, one of the interview questions that we were asked was related to volunteering. We all had good intentions when answering the questions, but as time passed many of us got sidetracked, life got in the way or more likely we just didn't know how we could help. Maybe no one asked.

Volunteer Opportunities

Among the needed volunteers tasks to consider: food prep, cooking, serving, event set-up, event decorating, event cleanup, dishwashing, bingo worker, light housekeeping, seasonal cleaning, volunteer coordination or marketing committee member. Don't worry about being lost, we'll train you. Don't worry about doing it yourself, we'll find you help or you can be part of an existing crew. The volunteer's motto should be "See it, Do it, Teach it." We look forward to working with you!

A good Eagle is expected to help and/or donate as little or as much as they can. We only ask that you try to participate and have fun doing it. We don't keep records of who or how much anyone volunteers. But, for most of us - the fun is in the doing - while building new friendships and making a difference in our community.