Junior Eagles of F.O.E. 595

Through the Junior Order of Eagles (J.O.E.), our members teach community youth the values of teamwork, organization, philanthropy and more. J.O.E.s operate much like our traditional Aeries and Auxiliaries and are led by an adult sponsor who guides them along. They typically assist by serving food at Aerie/Auxiliary functions and holding fundraisers for community organizations which target youth. The J.O.E. #595 charities for 2018-2019 are "Kids with Leukemia” and "Prevention of Child Abuse." The Junior Eagles occasionally take breaks between fundraising activities for recreational outings to places like Spin City, Get Air or Bananas Fun Park.

Membership in the Junior Eagles is open to any child from 12-18 -- their parents do not have to be Eagles. J.O.E. #595 was established in 2001 and currently has eight members. Only 80 Aeries and Auxiliaries currently have Junior Order of Eagles programs.

Check the calendar for the next meeting and come and see what it is all about or contact Junior Eagle Sponsors Carol White or Deb Conrad.