2020 Charity Donations

Prevention of Child Abuse – (C.A.S.A.) - 3,546.91
Chairman: Carol White 

Muscular Dystrophy - 3,257.39
Chairmen: Teri & Mike Austin

The House - 2,467.00
Chairman:  Kari Fennell

Eagles Memorial Foundation - 773.00
Chairman: Jean Transmeier

Colorado State Scholarship Fund - 1,500.00
Chairman:  Jean Transmeier

Heart Fund - 2,183.79
Chairman:  Katie Jones

Eagle Riders - 1,052.25

Colorado Discoverability - 7,000
Chairmen: Eagle Riders

Christmas Baskets - 2,670


Aerie #595 / Memorial Fund - 1,205.54
Chairmen:  Jackie Shields & Katie Jones                  

Maxine Kovacic Children's Shopping Spree - 7,668.15
Chairmen:  Lonnie Crown & “the Girls”

Cancer Awareness - 3,826.83
Chairmen: Deb Conrad & Sue Reigles

The Center for Children - 2,235.00
Chairmen: Kyle Kelley & Eagle Riders

Turkey Roost Car & Bike Show - 1,500.00
(for Veterans in Need)
Chairmen:  Eagle Riders

Diabetes Education - 5,500.00
Chairmen:  Eagle Riders

State Madam President's - 1,429
Davida Dialysis

Special Donations - 5,700

Grand Total - $53,514.86

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following for special donations given during this trying year

2018 Charity

The Aerie and Auxiliary support many charitable organizations and endeavors. Each month is dedicated to a different charity. Rotating Chairpersons organize and run events and activities raising funds for the designated charity. Check our monthly calendar and newsletter for the details of the charity supporting activities.

The total amount raised  for our 2018 charities was $48,210.

Monthly Charities and Chairpersons

June - Maxine Kovacic Christmas Shopping Spree

Deb Conrad and Carol White

Each year Aerie #595 treats about deserving 80 children from area Middle Schools who might otherwise have no presents at Christmas to a Christmas shopping spree. Each child is accompanied by an Eagle member, and has $100.00 to spend on whatever they need or would like.

July- Muscular Dystrophy

Terri and Mike Austin

Funds will go to “Seek a Miracle” which goes strictly to research efforts for a Friedrich’s Ataxia cure, one of 43 forms of Muscular Dystrophy (MD).

August- C.A.S.A.

Carol White, Scott Kaufman, Gabe DeGabriele

C.A.S.A. is the acronym for Court Appointed Special Advocates. With hundreds of cases in most of the counties throughout our state C.A.S.A. is a wonderful organization that trains volunteers to serve as a child's voice in court, when the child is a victim of abuse or neglect.

September- Maxine Kovacic Christmas Shopping Spree

Helen and Larry Alley

October- Alzheimer's Disease

Deb Conrad


All Auxiliary Sisters

December- Colorado Discoverability

Eagle Riders

Colorado Discoverability is leading service provider of adaptive sport opportunities for people with disabilities.

January- Suicide Prevention for Veterans

Patti Heartsil and Sandy Woodard

February- Testicular Cancer Awareness

Gabe DeGabriele

The Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation is a Grand Junction, CO based nonprofit compassionately dedicated in the fight against testicular cancer. They offer support and guidance to patients and families, providing a resource for the medical community and providing financial assistance to those in need and continuing to save lives.


March- Parkinson's of Colorado

Penny Miller

The Colorado Parkinson Foundation, Inc. is based in Colorado Springs, CO. The mission of each group is to provide educational and emotional support to those who want help in understanding how to deal with Parkinson's Disease.

April- "The House"

Kari Fennell and Joe Burns

"The House" is 10 bed temporary shelter for homeless, runaway, and unaccompanied youth ages 13 through 20. "The House" helps teens move towards stable and safe housing and other youth-driven goals through intensive case management and support from advocates, volunteers, and mentors.
With very few exceptions, homeless, unaccompanied teens in Mesa County teens under 18 are guaranteed a bed at "The House."

May- Colorado State Scholarship Fund and Eagles Memorial Foundation

Jean Transmeier

The Colorado State Scholarship Fund exists to provide help to children of our members wishing to further their education in a college, university, or trade school. The fund is underwritten entirely by money provided from the local Aeries and Auxiliaries.
The Memorial Foundation supports children (including those legally adopted) of members who die while serving their country or at work.
Part of being an Eagle is supporting our brothers and sisters when times get tough. The Memorial Foundation was created to help provide medical and educational benefits to children of members who lose their lives while serving their country or while at work. As an Eagle, you and your family are automatically protected by this safety net.
Your children will be able to attend college or vocational school and receive various forms of medical assistance.
Grand total of $36,705.70 given to our charities during 2017-2018. Thanks to the dedication and efforts of our members, this amount represents an increase of almost 84% of the Aerie 2016-2017 charitable donations amount.

With the Heart and Soul of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, we strive to make this world a better place to be.

“People Helping People”
“Kids Helping Kids”